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Comprehensive Eye Examination

We love to listen 

Listening to you is our priority, and we offer extended consultation times to ensure proper understanding of your needs and thorough examination.  Whether it be optimising your visual needs through the most suitable pair of spectacles, to contact lenses, myopia control, dry eye management, or even eye disease detection and management, our optometrists at Specialeyes will strive to satisfy your needs.

Children’s vision and behavioural optometry

We love to help kids 

We are the provider of choice in our local area for testing children’s eyes. This includes access to Children’s vision testing equipment, and specialised vision training to help Children with learning difficulties reach their full potential.  

Dry Eye Disease

We love to keep your eyes comfortable

We have a special interest in managing dry eye disease using the latest in-office treatments such as ‘Blephex’, and ‘Blephasteam’.  We also stock the latest eye lubrication drops, gels, and ointments to soothe your dry eye symptoms.

Myopia Control

We love early intervention

We specialize in myopia control.  The prevalence of short-sightedness (or myopia) has rapidly increased globally in recent decades.  This is a public health concern because myopia, especially at high levels, has been shown to be associated with increased risk of certain vision-threatening eye diseases, such as glaucoma and retinal detachment.  Current management options shown to slow down myopia progression include multifocal glasses, multifocal contact lenses, orthokeratology, and low dose atropine eyedrops. Specialeyes Optometrists are the first and only Optometrist in Canberra to have invested in the latest medical device, Carl Zeiss IOL Master, to help us track whether the prescribed myopia control management plan is effective and most suitable for you.  


At Specialeyes Optometrists Canberra we endeavour to offer the best service possible. We are committed to achieving optimum visual performance for all our patients, by practising to the highest standards and remaining at the forefront of our profession.  We are an Australian owned independent practice, who has been providing enduring excellence in Eyecare for our Canberra community since 1986.

Qualified Optical Dispensers are available to assist you in selecting the most appropriate frames and lenses to suit your look and your lifestyle.

We offer the latest technology in ultra light spectacle lenses to give you optimum visual performance. We are able to access a wide range of lenses from a variety of laboratories, including Hoya, Essilor, Rodenstock and Zeiss.

At Specialeyes, we have a large range of quality fashion frames & sunglasses to suit all budgets and styles. As an independent practice, we have the flexibility to choose the latest fashionable frames and sunglasses. In fact, we see representatives from frame companies every 2 months to ensure that you always have the best.

At Specialeyes Optometrists Canberra, we have every confidence in the quality of the products that we provide.

To back this confidence, we provide:

1 year warranty on all frames and lenses against manufacturing faults and defects. This does not include normal wear and tear.

Lifetime service warranty for our eyewear, including free adjustments, cleaning, replacement of nose pads, screws and general care to keep your glasses comfortable and looking good.

3 month prescription warranty on all Specialeyes prescriptions. If you have a prescription change or difficulty adapting to your new prescription we will replace the lenses at no charge.

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At Specialeyes Optometrists Canberra we endeavor to offer you the best service possible. We are committed to achieving optimum visual performance for all our patients, by practicing to the highest standards and remaining at the forefront of our profession.


Safety Glasses

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